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Rental and Sale

LKE boasts extensive rental equipment, including fountains, cutting-edge fountain solutions, and laser equipment.

With our vast experience of over 30 years, LKE has established itself as one of the global leaders in designing and producing water shows and event design. Our expertise extends to catering to inquiries for both private and public events worldwide. No matter the scale or location, we have the capability to deliver exceptional solutions that leave a lasting impression.

At LKE, we understand the importance of creating visually captivating and unforgettable experiences. Our state-of-the-art fountains, innovative fountain solutions, and laser equipment are carefully curated to meet the demands of today's events. Our dedicated creative and technical team is committed to providing exceptional support to our clients, ensuring reliability and professional assistance for event rentals and sales. 

Whether you are planning a private celebration or organizing a large-scale public gathering, LKE is your trusted partner. We take pride in our ability to transform ideas into reality, ensuring that your event is a seamless and memorable occasion.