H2º Motion water curtains

High-resolution graphic water curtain

H2º Motion high-resolution graphic water curtain

Since 2006, LKE has been actively developing different product lines of the H2º Motion graphic water curtain. In 2022, we further enhanced this product to create the ideal solution for generating interactive and immersive 360º experiences at exhibition stands, corporate events, and audiovisual presentations.

The H2º Motion graphic water curtain boasts high nozzle resolution and exceptional water flow density, making it an excellent choice for video and laser projections. Its advanced capabilities ensure seamless integration of visuals and laser effects, resulting in visually stunning displays.

Whether you are looking to create engaging visuals for your exhibition booth or seeking to enhance the impact of your corporate or audiovisual event, the H2º Motion graphic water curtain provides the perfect solution.

The H2º Motion high-resolution graphic water curtain's versatility and ability to produce captivating experiences make it a valuable addition to any event production.

Ein wunderschöner Wasservorhang
Ein wunderschöner Wasservorhang

2008 International Exposition Zaragoza

36-meter H2º Motion graphic water curtain including interactive tactile interface and a photo call using automatic facial detection and image capture

Combining the H2º Motion graphic water curtain, an interactive tactile interface and photo call with automatic facial detection and image capture offers a unique and immersive event experience. It seamlessly blends technology, creativity, and interactivity, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and providing them unforgettable moments to cherish.

An installation combining advanced technology and captivating visuals generates a mesmerising event backdrop. It provides a dynamic canvas for stunning visual displays, including an interactive tactile interface allowing users to control the water curtain and customise the graphics and effects to suit their preferences. With just a touch, attendees created stunning water patterns adding a personalised touch to their experience.

In addition, the photo call feature utilises automatic facial detection and image capture technology to create interactive and memorable moments for event participants. As attendees approach the water curtain, the system detects their faces and triggers the capture of a photo. This instantaneous process ensures attendees can instantly capture and share their experiences, creating lasting memories of the event.

International Exposition Zaragoza 2008

LKE also offers an interactive control podium equipped with a tactile interface and motion detection systems.

This innovative solution allows for seamless user interaction and technology interaction, enhancing the overall event experience.

Dubai Canal Opening 2017

Circular graphic water curtain